Virtual Sound: Audio Synthesis Tools

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  • Newest Features

    Added a VibratingString class. This simulates an oscillating object (such as a string, or a column of air in a pipe) as a set of interconnected masses with springs. The file VSound.c provides an example of its use.

  • Status

    The project is currently at a development stage.

  • Wanted

    Project members to help with front-ends, back-ends and portability.

  • Summary

    Engine for unlimited effects and modulation for sophisticated audio generation, with instrument simulation capabilities. It provides a simple core for generating effects and statistical and physical instrument modelling.

    Engine Description

    Effects are composed of a set of parameters and a callback hook. This gives the ability for all effects to be modulated via the Modulator class. Currently, not many effects are available but the framework is there.

    VSound offers three distinct ways to model of sounds. The first way is to use standard linear DSP effects. The second way is to use one or more of the physical process models implemented in the library. The third way is to use one of the statistical models to learn something about a real-life sound and then use the model to generate similar sounds, perhaps in conjunction with a DSP effect or another model.

    VSound tries to do a lot of things. I have found a lot of the code in VSound useful for some other small projects. The main() code for these small projects is available in the guise of test suites, which you can take a look in if you are interested in one particular component.

  • Download

    Note that currently only a development version is available

  • CVS access
  • cvs login
    cvs -z3
    co vsound

    Note that the CVS version can be unstable.